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Are Libyans true rebels?

My sister Majd Abusalamawrote a very thoughtful article about the fate of Al-Gaddafi and her worries about Libya’s future. I thought that it deserved to be translated so she can share her thoughts with English speakers, not only Arabic speakers.

The rising voices of Libyans celebrating the death of Muammar Al-Gaddafi all across Libya is their legal right which they have long-waited. The ongoing celebrations pale in comparison to the 42 years of suffering, injustice, oppression and humiliation endured through submission to the Libyan leader. However, the way that the Libyan leader was killed in cold blood and with ugliness has nothing to do with humanity.

I am in favor of ending the policy of oppression and the dictatorship of tyrants who spread the corruption in the land. I am also in favor of the right of self-determination of peoples and the attainment of freedom and democracy for which they have always dreamed. However, I am against the way Al-Gaddafi was killed; shooting him from a very close distance in the center of his head and dragging his body and his allies’. This method is not a model for those people as they have longed to be against the regime of Al-Gaddafi and his behavior and as soon as they had the opportunity, they were the first to apply his rules against him in revenge. It would have been preferable that they prove to eyewitness and TV channels that they are the generation of democracy and human rights, but sadly they let us down. They should have highlighted the difference between the bloody fate of the tyrants and the violence they practiced and the honored fate of the representatives of democracy.

The photo of Al-Gaddafi killed at the hands of rebels doesn’t evoke optimism to the spirit that Libya’s future will be better, or that its people will practice what they called for and revolted against. Despite all of this, they still have plenty of time to prove to the whole world that they are the true rebels, not just blind imitators to what has happened in neighboring Arab countries.  They have to achieve positive results to kill the pessimism inside us.